Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Grand America Hotel at Christmas...


Their outdoor courtyard is always perfectly trimmed with beautiful green grass. 



Grandpa Lowell is so sweet to host all his grandkids at the Grand America's Breakfast with Santa. Hence, Santa #6. It was good to see all the cousins and their families that are growing so quickly. Meet Madison... extremely helpful with the twins and great fun to be. Looking forward to more time together in Sun Valley.  


The gingerbread house on display was amazing. The chimney was made out of macaroons.  


The Grand America has their own window displays that were pretty great. They represented Christmas in various parts of the world in the native language. 



A new toy store cousins were going crazy over. I'm enjoying this limited window of time where my kids don't do toy stores quite yet... except FAO.

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Casey said...

I love this post! The boys look like little angels in their matching white outfits. And their hats are to die for! Your family looks great!