Friday, February 15, 2013

Broadway Week...

January seemed to be broadway month for Lizzie and I. We've got this really great system going where we go to Times Square the day of the show we want to see. First, we check directly with the ticket booth to see if we can buy them cheaper than the discounted booth. Always better to buy direct, right? If that doesn't work, maybe they do lottery tickets shortly before the performance (for Annie we won front row $40 tix). Rush Tickets the morning of is another option, but not really for us with kids who don't do line wait times.  
Lizzie brings James to the city and puts him to bed in my room in a portacrib. The kids are asleep so we're guilt free off to a Broadway show. (Husbands working). We split the sitter--I still think I should pay 2/3rds the cost but she wont omply. 

Nice Work If You Can: I'm not a tough critic on broadway shows, so like most of the others, I loved it. It started slow and had its parts, but by the end I was really enjoying it. The dancing numbers were excellent. Matthew Broderick is amazing. Great show to see if you're looking to laugh and be happy and aren't looking for any serious tone. 


Matthew Broderick! I'm so glad Lizzie suggested we linger to meet him. 
Me: "Matthew, I have twins too!"
Matthew: "Oh really?"
Me: "Yes, aren't they great?!?"
Matthew: (in a slow non-enthusiastic voice) "I guess they really are"

We had so much fun that night. We were a little stupid-silly the entire time. 
The Heiress
Since I mentioned a few different ways to acquire tickets above, I must admit I used my student ID to get The Heiress tickets. $30.00 on the 4th row, yes please. I'm so grateful my student ID doesn't have an expiration date on it. I pay NYC taxes so I don't feel bad about this one price cut. 
Kell-Bell came in NYC for a quick weekend to celebrate both her birthday and the twins. We went to the Heiress just a couple days before it closed. Great performance. Even better performers. 

Jessica Chastain (from The Help and Zero Dark Thirty). Love her! She was so friendly in responding to all my questions. I told her I loved her coat and she said, "Thanks. It's Montclair." She was extremely personable. And beautiful! 


Cousin Matthew, Dan Stevens, from Downton Abbey. Kellee brought her polaroid camera and had him sign her polaroid. 

Waiting outside the theatre in the freezing cold after The Heiress. 


Chris and Paige Evans said...

Jessica Chastain and Dan Stevens!?!?! You lucky duck!

Lizzie said...

My favorite thing next to split a sitter is hovering the stage door exit. Our system works well. Thanks for being my partner in crime!

Oldest Girl said...

SO jealous you met Cousin Mathew!!! You girls know how to have a great time!!!

Anonymous said...

Have you seen the Book of Mormon? I'm dying to see that!!!