Friday, February 1, 2013

Fish's Eddy...

I really shouldn't head down the path of blogging about stores and stuff and you get why. But this place is so incredible I need to archive it in my book of life after visiting it the umpteeth time. I remember hearing about it multiple times from multiple people. But I couldn't understand until I went there myself. I fortunately was able to look past the "We are the 1%" graffiti chalked on their storefront windows. 

This has to be the greatest place for useful NYC souvenirs and functional gifts. There are so many NYC specific things here and cool (I can't think of a more perfect word) kitchenware. They have the perfect selection to bring NYC into your home, such as their Skyline collection. Their dishes and place-mats with various NYC apartment floorplans might be the closest I come to owning a 4 bedroom floorplan in this city too. Tame prices store-wide too. 

Neat tile floor as you walk in adding to the vintage/original shopping experience. 

Antro has something similar. See the glass milk jugs in the basket to the left? Would love to have one to put milk on the table in the morning without having the actual carton out. 

Mason Jars with a handle. 

Every time I walk in this room I can't help but repeat the phrase bull in a china shop.


The. hands. are. creepy. 
Love the building FE is located beneath. 


Located next to Union Sq. market.

Where we are headed with retail. Come shop in my van--a method Canal Street has down but not as visual as this one. 


Jessica Beaumont said...

I have always wanted to visit Fishes Eddy! Thanks for the pictures- so fun to see!

Liz Jensen said...

It's been way too long since I've been on the blogs-had to come get my updates! This place is amazing, putting it on my list. Can't wait to catch up!