Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Happy 1st Birthday to Charles & Clyde...

I took these about a week before the twin's actual bday. I wanted them to practice wearing their party hats and make sure their new b-day outfits fit. It was the coldest day outside that the twins ever knew, so we stayed in and turned their room into a ball pit, 50 inflatable balls later. I was so lightheaded after blowing them all up. Deflating them a few days later was the real time-drain. 

Clyde (left) & Charles (right)
Some of the pics came from my phone and others were on my camera. 

Charles (above)

Charles playing peek-a-boo. He loves doing the hand motions. 


More of Charles
Clyde on the left pic below climbing on his stool. He's my climber. 

Clyde (above) & Charles (below)



Clyde so proud to be sitting on his stool. 


Casey said...

Oh those boys are too cute!! I love the idea of the balls. I bet they were in heaven!! And did you make their hats?? They're adorable.

mommy watsky said...

This is just darling! I love how much they resemble you in some pictures & Andrew in others & how sometimes they totally have their own looks. They are perfect!