Friday, February 15, 2013

Nemo paid Central Park a lovely visit...

... and my family was here to enjoy it. We went to Norma's  8am brunch and walked through the city's fresh snow that morning. By the time we were done with brunch, all the roads had been cleared. Incredible efficiency I'd say.  What I loved most about Nemo was that he dumped snow in the night and we woke up to beautiful power without lingering snow-falls. The day prior was a bit windy with more of a slushy feel but I thought it was a nice change up, even on the twins birthday. My phone too these pics. I'm so pleased. 

Dad, me, Time Warner, Trump & 15 CPW


Kell-belle wanted to push the stroller cause of the attached hand muffs. I put the rain cover on sometimes when its windy even if it isn't raining. It was getting steamy in there. 

How dramatic is this? Robert Burns never looked so good. 


Walking down Central Park's Mall of Trees.

Ta Da. Bethesda Fountain, you know it well. 
The pic below is a day earlier with snow dust. 

People were sledding down the steps shooting them into the tunnel. 

These are the Wannabe San Remo towers.  Same street just a few blocks down. Still beautiful. 

My phone captured these blue skies--probably better than my DSLR. 

Pic below was a day earlier. It was cold enough there was hardly anyone in the park. Usually people are hovering Imagine. 


Lizzie said...

Love these pics but I'm waiting for the birthday party pics. I want to re-live the magic.

Martha said...

We had such a great time!!! Great pics!!

Coral said...

Stunning picture of you and your dad! love you both and see you in 2 months :)