Saturday, February 16, 2013

The City Bakery & their hot chocolate festival...

The options of things to do in the summer time are limitless. In the wintertime, there's still lots to do, just limited in comparison. But there's something thermal about eating. So bakeries seem to have more appeal these winter months.

This month City Bakery is offering different flavored hot chocolate every day. The 21st "Darkest Dark" is so noted. I tried the Lemon on the 1st that only had a mild hint of lemon flavor to it. Still very dense hot chocolate that Whiney described best as chocolate soup. That's a great recommendation in my book. 


Homemade marshmallows for a buck that are as big as your fist. 


I could only juggle one baby with my hot chocolate so Charles got his very own marshmallow as he say there in the stroller. He wasn't quite sure what to do with it, yet quickly learned it was edible. I'm still dealing with the stick.  


I love the huge bucher's block. Mac & Cheese station, anyone?
The best thing about this bakery that I couldn't capture with the iphone is the tall ceilings and molding up above. 


I'm not sure what exactly the wall of cards is, but I get the vibe it is relaying where ingredients come from locally. 


Amanda and Whitney with their boys. All 4 of our little guys were born in 11 days time. 

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