Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Cafe Lola...

Andrew and I re-watched You've Got Mail over the Christmas holiday. I'm anxious for the weather to warm up a bit so I can hit up the rest of the sites with the twins. Yes, I'm still a tourist 2 years later. My mom watched the boys one night while she was here so we could go to Cafe Lola. This was my first time. In fact, my first time in the UWS/80's at night time. This area was alive with an incredible night life. Perfectly charming cafe living up to the reputation it received from Meg Ryan and Tom Hank's encounter. 

One of these was sitting on every table. Now I know how to say I Love You in 18 different ways. 

My grandmother would have saved this napkin. 


Purposely over-ordered to take mom the additions. Fresh Guac!

Fresh poinsettias along with a thousand desert options. I don't actually know if the flowers were fresh but I want to believe so. 

Walked by Gray's hundreds of time but it struck a cord this time because it to was in You've Got Mail. 


Mari Kjar said...

i love you've got mail and i love cafe lola. two things i don't get sick of... i've been 3 times- what? anyway, great pics per usual! love you!

Lizzie said...

I've heard their brunch is delicious but I've never thought about going for dinner. It looks really charming & romantic!