Monday, March 4, 2013

Central Park Zoo...

We had a 50 degree day here recently and the zoo was the perfect thing to properly allocated the sunshine--Amanda's idea. Last time we went to the zoo, the boys practically slept the entire time. Now older/bigger, they want to get out of the stroller and explore a bit. But I forgot socks, and they still don't own shoes that fit so I carried Charles the first half and Clyde the second half. It seemed to be the best method.

The Seal show. I had a completely different CP zoo experience this time because there was hardly anyone there. Summer camps, no. Fields trips, no. Tourist, hardly. 

The Polar Bear was in plain sight enjoying the sunshine too. Every time I've been prior, he's either in hiding or partial viewing. 

Loved being with these girls and their babies. Such a good group. 

Amanda & Hugo. How about that skyline from the center of the zoo? It doesn't go unnoticed. 


Made a stop at the petting zoo too. Clyde's right arm was holding on to me so tight. I had "Llama llama red pajama" stuck in my head the rest of the day after repeating it to Clyde. Side-note, my winter hat I wear every chance possible is Llama (Peru). But my hat is a lot softer than this guys fur. 

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