Friday, March 8, 2013

Family weekend...

The twin's shared their birthday weekend with Kell-Bell, my sister/law. I appreciate her coming to NYC from Houston along with my parents who came out from Louisiana. Nemo didn't set us back one bit--got the pics to prove it.

We walked up on a free hair-styling event in Columbus Circle's Time Warner. Free blow-drys under Ashley Simpson's nose comes with a long line. 

I've said this before but there is no one's taste/style that I adore more than this girl. In fact, we got the same things at L.L.Lemon. And in case anyone cares, the Will Pant has replaced my love of the Wonder Unders.

We had Kell-Bell's bday dinner at Robert's before we went to a show. Kellee, your hair is amazing. The plate of food is an inside joke, not meant to remember that dish specifically. 

Lincoln Restuarante where secrets were told and left at the round table. This dinner was the highlight of my weekend, boys bday excluded 

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Lizzie said...

You girls could not be cuter in your lululemon.
Did you like Lincoln Restaurant? It's one of our favorites! It's a good after temple date.