Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Flight Club....

For all the avid shoe collectors, this is your dream, a mecca of sneakers. And it was unlike any sport-shoe store I've been to which qualifies it for it's own shout out. For grown adults, this gives the kids in a candy store affect. Each shoe is individually shrink wrapped displayed against exposed brick (adds so much to the look I think). There's quite the retro selection too. They carry the shoes I played with back in junior high--15 years ago.  Prices seems outrageous but they carry more the exclusive or hard to find things. 


These shoes were behind a glass case. They each sell for $6,000. There were only 54 pairs made of the one on the left. Crazy nutso shoe collectors. 

There is no signage over the door but if you walk by there in Greenwich Village, you can't miss it. 

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