Thursday, March 21, 2013

Houston's Museum of Fine Arts, Prado Exhibit...

A few backfacts (background facts) about my family... We, mom especially, appreciate good art. El Greco of the Spanish Renaissance is the most prized artist in my household. Thus, the Prado, in Madrid, is the best art museum of them all.  The Prado has loaned out some art in Houston for a few months. It was great to see a couple of the El Greco's on American turf along with many wonderful others. 

Walking through a tunnel to get to the building across the street. My phone took this. No filter. 

I just noticed that someones name on the wall there is Mabel. I like.

One of El Greco's above. Although he has some amazing portraits, he is more well-known for his religious art that at the time wasn't appreciated like Velazquez and Goya's portraits of royalty. 

Wish I knew the artist to give credit too.

Love this breastfeeding pic


Thought these blinds were neat. Dimmed the light but could still see out. 

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Kymee Steenblik said...

Hey, so the child in the pram is "Susan comforting the baby" by Mary Cassatt. One of my favorites of hers is "Breakfast in bed". She also does a lot of breastfeeding paintings. I love that her work is all women and children :)