Sunday, March 10, 2013

Up to no good...

We consider the hallway in our building an extension of our home. The twins wore out this walker going back and forth down the hall. Sometimes sharing is fun. Other times, not so much. 


They heard a loud clatter in another apartment and stopped in their tracks with these funny faces. 


They love the delivery cart. Charles (left) & Clyde (right)

I thought this city skyline in a book store we went to was neat. They just wanted to pull books of the shelves. 

The Chinesse New Year celebrations with Emma Perry.

The Christmas cards have since come down. Loved having these on the door until they figured they could rip down all within their reach. 


Clyde pushing Charles in the first pic and bysaversa on the next. These baby strollers will be our next purchase. 

Clyde pushing Charles. 
below- I think Charles is on the left and Clyde right but I can hardly tell here. Snug as a bug


Babies love the lucite furniture. If only I could react fast enough to get the pics of them smashing their faces against it.  


2 very sad and tired babies in this last picture. Lots of tears. 

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{Frances} said...

Glad we aren't the only ones who take advantage of the hallway. We call it our backyard :)