Tuesday, April 30, 2013

BYU at MSG in NIT...

Playing catchup on things so 3 weeks ago...

BYU came to visit us recently. I've only been to a handful of events at the Garden. But BYU within its walls is clearly the best. But we lost. I decided it was a reality check keeping the night in perspective. We can't always be the best ;) 

It was great fun seeing just about every Mormon friend that we know that lives within a 1 hr radius there at the game. We waited at the front door for some friends that were meeting us. I felt like I was there to greet the hundreds of familiar faces coming to cheer on the cougs. Maybe not hundreds...

Sitting behind media was quite the distraction. It's amazing how many papers and flashcards they have flying around the place with assistants and runners beckoning every call. 

I feel old. I didn't know a soul on the team. Except I've heard of Brandon Davies. And Brock was a redshirt freshman my last year. So that's one. & coaches and trainers the same. 

Great fun being with Lizzie--always.

This guy is in his element at sporting events. 

At the end of the game, both teams did a prayer circle. Never seen this before. Must be a NIT thing. Or maybe because 2 church schools played each other. 

Different angle of the jumbletron. Allocating every space for advertising too

Stayed for the Maryland game after. The mascot was really something.

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