Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Neighborhood Stroll...

The modern art at the southeast corner of the park seems to change over a few times a year. I just so happened to walk by the day they were installing this scary looking thing. Maybe they're trying to offset the Plaza's beauty seen there in the background. Or maybe, I just don't know art. 


How beautiful is the all-white-brownston. And looky at someones personal garage. Not a familiar sight in NYC by any means. 

Central Park tunnel

Big Bird looking lonely int he park. When he spoke, we even sounded like Big Bird. 


An upper east side school

My favorite building on Park Ave wedged in between two pre-wars. I cross over Park Ave all the time but have never dragged the street by foot so I started in the 100's and walked all the way down to the 50s the other day. It was a beautiful walk. Lots of beautiful apartment building and Dr. offices. 


Park Ave has its own modern art installations going on too. 


breanna said...

Big bird-awesome
Art by the plaza-scary!

Lizzie said...

Big bird lonely on the bench! What a sight.