Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Nick Cave's Heard NY...

To the beat of a harpist and later the drums, some 50 horses, made of 2 persons each, dance and parade around in the most beautiful costumes designed by Nick Cave. The venue was in Vanderbilt Hall of Grand Central Station. That alone makes for an experience as the room next door is full of its own daily dance of people going to/from work. The headwear of the horses was incredible, as was the color that only amplified as the drums went along and the horses then split into separate dancers. There was something poetic about the performance. My phone doesn't even begin to do it justice. There were 2 performances a day that lasted about 20 minutes each for a week. 


Propping up the costumes post-performance

This was my insta-pic

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Lizzie said...

I didn't realize there were 50 of them. Wow. I definitely missed out! Maybe next year??