Monday, April 1, 2013

St. Patrick's Day Parade 2013...

Celebrating all things Irish, the world's longest and oldest St. P-Day Parade in its 252nd year. This 5 hour parade includes thousands of participants which makes it a bit of a bore. No floats. No beads. Parades are defined a bit differently in Lousiana. But there were things about this one I thoroughly enjoyed. 

Bagpipes are near and dear to me. There were many different groups playing them throughout the parade and we were only there an hour. I could listen to them play all day long.

Kilts... of course. 

The civil war had a presence in the parade too. Irish Brigade ring a bell with anyone? This would be the Union. 

Everyone applauded as this group walked by. These are some of the family members of 9-11 victimes. My picture hardly captured it, but there was the cutest red-headed curly hair boy carrying a picture of his father.

The New York fire department. Everyone was holding a flag.


The temperature kept dropping while we were there. Before long it started to snow a bit so we headed home. Glove on one hand and graham cracker in the other.

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Lizzie said...

Love the last pic of the boys! Amazingly cute.