Monday, May 13, 2013

Bugaboo's Andy Warhol collection...

Bugaboo recently debuted their Andy Warhol collaboration here in NYC. They hosted a par-ta in Noho with the reveal. Morgan, a dear friend from college who works the Bugaboo, came in from California to help host the event. She was sweet to include the twins and myself. With this being a party centered around strollers, the kid-o's felt very welcome. 

They had this neat black/white display of the Andy Warhol print. Kids were encouraged to marker all over it. And Charles got a permanent marker applied to his face that he proudly wore the rest of the night. 

The newly displayed Andy Warhol print.
I love the cars. After all, my stroller is my car here in NYC.
Wouldn't you say that donkey looks good on us?

I'm not sure who this is but she looks so incredibly cute behind that stroller. She needs twins for sure to go in it.

I forgot the DJ's name. But he was 9 and both dressed and acted the part unfazed by his surroundings. 

It was a treat meeting Madeleen Klaasen, Bugaboo's CMO, who traveled in from Amsterdam headquarters.

Bugaboo Boas Kosters limited edition above, released in 2003ish. Too bad I was 17th and had no need for a stroller in my life.

To quote Lizzie, "Strollers were hanging from the sky."

Serendipity's frozen hot chocolate. And unlimited Bake by Melissa's cupcakes. I must of had over 30. No joke. I love those mini's. They are pricy enough, I rarely buy more than a box of 6 for myself. So when they kept restocking, I couldn't help myself.  

Caitlin/Pen, Jenna, Me, and Lizzie

Met a lovely group of girls from Utah that were in town too. 


Enjoyed hanging on with these lovely ladies who were in town for the event. 
Morgan & Caitlin // West Village


Lizzie said...

What a night!

Smith, Here! said...

Love this so much! You made the partaaaay. xo