Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Gateway Walk of Charleston...

The street and alleys of Charleston were so charming, we could easily spend the day just exploring and weaving in and out of the different cobble stone walkways. It was recommended we take the self-guided Gateway Walk where the path is marked by little signage. Loved this walk. I highly recommend. When I asked our concierge of the hotel about it, she was surprised I even had heard about it. She had an additional printout to give us though so we could follow.  

The path started at a local church and sent us along a stone path through an old cemetery. 

How inviting is this path?

The Gateway Walk also took us down Philadelphia Alley that is supposed to be haunted--not so much in the day time but I can only imagine so at night. I can't remember the background entirely but some have died along the path as a bar entrance was along the alley back in the day. It has since been cemented up. 


Lots of iron gates to open along the walk. Hence, Gateway Walk. In fact, some were locked so we had to create our own detour. 

Perfectly manicured gardens as I was peeking through their cast iron fence to see. 

Lots of horse head tie-ups around Charleston. If anything is 50+ years old, it can't be taken down or manipulated. The 20th century doesn't need the tie-ups that they needed in their day, yet neat to see scattered throughout. (This one is just missing the right in his mouth to loop the rope through)

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