Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Lighthouse love...

I love lighthouses. Working or not, they're beautiful. And each one has its own story full of history.  It would be my dream to drive up the coast line just visiting the various lighthouses. Andrew took me to the 4 closest to Charleston on our anniversary trip. Two were clear out in the water now inaccessible by foot. 

1. Tybee Island Lighthouse - Maybe a 30 minute drive from Savannah, Georgia. This one is open for those who want to climb to the top. 

The view from above. It was much higher than it seemed. 

That little light is what causes the power light extending out over the coastline.

 2. Cockspur Lighthouse - If we had more time it would have been neat to canoe out to this one. It was built in 1856. Its fascinating feature is that it withstood the crossfire of a Civil War battle and survived more that 5,000 shells passing by it. You can see gun shot marks in it if close enough.

3. Morris Island Lighthouse - This one isn't accessible by foot either. I think we drove 20 minutes out of Charleston to get to the end of Folly Beach where we then walked a mile to the shoreline to get this pic. We had a fisherman close by take a quick pic for us. Built in 1876, it was once on dry land. It was actually blown up by Confederate soldiers because they didn't want Northerns to use it and later rebuilt. 

4. Sullivan's Island Lighthouse - Probably another 30 minute drive from Charleston but the opposite direction. Interesting shape built of of concert as opposed to brick like most others. Lacks the southern charm, but I've never seen a boxy one before. We just drove by. It's fenced off to trespassers and is hardly preserved.  But still neat to see.


One of my favorite pics of the twins is from our little trek to Manhattan's light house that is located under the George Washington Bridge. 
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