Thursday, May 16, 2013

Plantations in Charleston, South Carolina...

1. Dryaton Hall Plantation - 7 generations in the Drayton family. No remaining furniture and hardly preserved because the home has never had AC.

2. Middleton Place Plantation - perfectly manicured gardens. We didn't tour in the home but walked around the property for over an hour. Gator sightings as well. Azalea row was amazing. We were there just a few days after the full bloom peak. It was incredible to see the color everywhere. 

camellias remind me of home 


3. Magnolia Plantation - beautiful gardens but in a very natural way. Loved the red bridge across the water with Spanish Moss everywhere.

These girls were darling.

4. Boone Hall Plantation - This one probably interested me the least of them all. It is still a working plantation so neat to see the strawberry fields, corn, soybeans, and so forth being grown. They even had a little cotton field to get an idea. The Notebook was filed here and Blake Lively was married here too which is where is gets its added appeal. I guess I was a little disappointed because it was built in 1935 and isn't an antebellum home (pre civil war). 

Until I was 4, I great up in the country next to a cotton field. They have since been replaced with corn fields. Cotton is outsourced. Sad to see that happen, even in my lifetime. 

Slave quarters, very primitive

Very old and very beautiful Oak trees, much older than the Plantation home.

Incredible Red Poppies


Thought this would be a good place to stick in the Angel Oak Tree pictures. It's 500+ years old. Incredible to see.


Lizzie said...

As a kid in Arizona I remember driving my miles of cotton fields. I wonder if they are still there...

Mari Kjar said...

ABSOLUTELY in love with these pics!!! you captured the beauty so well. i love a scene with spanish moss and azaleas. dreamy! beauitful couple as well:)