Friday, May 24, 2013

The Battery of Charleston and much more of its kind...

Just right north of The Battery on East Bay Rd. After the Civil War, Charleston was in rough conditions  (I just can't imagine that), but painting these houses brightened things up a bit. I think my personality would fit right in The Row. 

The Charleston Single styled home was fascinating to me. I initially thought the homes were built sideways and it was such a shame. I just had to catch on their ways... Perfect for the humid hot climate, it allows for the breeze to carry through and ventilation because they date pack to pre-AC. So they don't face the street. It's a one room wide size home, but oh so huge in height and depth. The strangest part is that the front door opens to the porch. 

Most of the homes below are located at The Battery. Those are along the water so they do face forward.

I love pillars

Which porch should we sit on today?

White Point Gardens is located on the water just right now from The Battery. I'll just say that The Battery is the Central Park South of Charleston and these gardens are Central Park equivalent. 

The building at the end of the street in the pic above is the Old Exchange Building with the dungeon below. On that balcony is where the Declaration of Independence was read. And unfortunately, slaves were sold close by. 

Gallery Row above

King St. does live up to its name.

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