Thursday, May 9, 2013

The High Line...

I'm crazy in love with the highline. It's a city gem. But no secret. When we first moved here, I don't remember the people traffic being like it is now. But maybe I've cultivated some tourist blinders that notice these things. Our first sunny day after a cold winter--went straight to the highline. The Hell's Kitchen area surrounding is just booming. It's neat/sad to see.  


Best way to describe the highline is a 1 mile stretch making an elevated park of a former railroad on the west side of the island. It has incredible city views because most of Hell's Kitchen hasn't been built up yet. & to the west side, is the river views. 


The architecture surrounding the highline is amazing. Some new mixed in with the old. 

Charles just walked on by these lovers (or mourners) practically rubbing shoulders giving no respect to their space. Babies.


Neat old brick chimney out of what I think was a former warehouse or plant of some sort. 

Love love the highline in all seasons and at all types of day. I just haven't done it in the pouring rain. And I want to. This city has great appeal in the rain. Another day...

Wall Art

The Standard Hotel that hovers the highline closer to Chelsea Market. When the sun shines just right, you can see clearly to its guests as it is an all glass hotel. 

DVF's crib there in the glass bubble connected there to her store. Many say she got the Meatpacking District off the ground. I haven't been here long enough to know.

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Lizzie said...

The twins walking. I still can't stand how cute it is. While I never want to rush James to grow up I can't help but think he might enjoy this summer a bit more if he was toddling around on his toes than on his hands & knees...