Monday, June 10, 2013

Grand Central's Centinneal 100 year celebration...

NYC is a grand place with grand ideas and even grander things to do all the time. But sometimes they just don't execute or go as planned. This outing being one of them. 

Grand Central is celebrating 100 years of service this year. See the faintly "1 0 0" in the far windows? I've been seeing subway singage marketing the Parade of Trains they were having at Grand Central in honor of the celebration. They brought in over 20 vintage train cars from all over the US and you could walk throughout them. But we arrived to learn that there was over a 3 hour wait. Such a bummer. That would be asking too much of the twins so we walked through the kid-festivities and on we went. 


They did bring out some old subway cars that were running between Grand Central and Times Square. Those were neat to see. The ones we use not are far more lux for sure.

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