Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Jay Abell Pena...

Just days before Courtney delivered sweet baby Jay Abell. We couldn't be more thrilled with his name. What an honor. Love him--like blood. When you have a namesake, that's how it is. 

Sydney Caroline and Jay Abell


Courtney only stayed 24 hours in the hospital so we just barely got there in time for a hospital visit.


Sydney Caroline tucking her little brother in. Such a great big sister.

That baby profile is just amazing to me.

And these stinkers actually got sick right when Jay Abell was born. I had to take them to the Dr. before I went to the hospital and they just had horrible colds. So it really limited my quality time with J-Abell as I had to keep this stink-pots away. Thank goodness for Courtney's good sitters that would come by a bit each day so I could go love on Jay. 


mommy watsky said...

Nothing sweeter! I love the bond you & Courtney share. You truly are sister soul mates.

Martha Abell said...

We love Courtney and her family very much. Jay Abell Pena is such a fantastic name!!! Love him! Great being there for his birth!!! Great post MM.