Monday, June 10, 2013

Last of Utah April 2013...

It was a fullfilling 2 week stay in Utah but we missed Daddy who could only come for a long weekend. But we appreciated the change of pace as the twins and I only know one pace in NYC--get out and go explore. Utah was the perfect balance of relaxing and reconnecting with those so dear to us. 

We found a 30 minute window in between all the wedding festivities to take the twins for a swim. 

These 3 rock it from every angle. 

Our attempt to get a pic of our 3 musketeers. 


Testing out Andrew's Uncle Scott's Harleys. I mistakenly called them Honda's. What was I thinking? Always assume a Harley by default. Duh, me. 

How about this basketball with a view--temple & mountains? I had a moment standing on their court. A good chunk of my childhood was spent on our driveway court. I could of nested here easily as a kid. And then to see my own... with their uncle and cousin. Isn't this what we call a moment in time?

Cousin Connor--the perfect oldest cousin to look up to in every way.

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