Monday, June 3, 2013

Pena - Hansen Wedding...

We went for Utah for a couple weeks for childhood best friend's wedding. Lifelong childhood friends are so special to share. And mine and Coral's family are even closer than we are. So my whole family went out to celebrate this special time too. 

5 years and 1 week from the day that Andrew and I stood on that granite piece after we were married.

Loved the wedding colors. Coral was so dear to have my sister Helen and I as bridesmaids.

My famalia.

I'm uber disappointed in myself for not taking real pictures--not the iphone kind. You can hardly see the intricacies of Coral's dress. Or the twins/daddy's purple bow ties.



This is just days before Courtney delivering. It looks like she has many months to go.


Charles carried his pinwheel around all night. We are new to carseats. But in Utah I would roll the window down and their pinwheels would spin and they were stoked about it.

The beautiful bride during the money dance. She cashed out big time. Such a fun wedding with great food and lots of dancing. I had been anticipating it for a long time. Sad it's over now.

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