Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Rain Room at the Modern Museum of Art...

The MoMa's Rain Room is the most incredible exhibit that will only be here for one more month. So wherever you live and whatever you are doing, stop, fly here, and go.  It's tricky to see though. General admission's line is anywhere from 2-4 hour because they only allow 10 people inside at a time and you can stay for as long as you desire. But MoMa members  have early hours option at 9:30. And they can get 5 guests in. So I went with 5 other girls and we split the membership 6 ways which actually comes out to be much cheaper than the general admission fee. Perhaps that is too much information, moral of the story is that sometimes you just have to work it in the city and find the loopholes. 

So they rain room is one huge room of pouring rain but wherever you walk a simulator above causes the rain to stop above you. So you never get wet, unless you walk too quickly. There is a strong light shining at one end of the room that makes for a neat illusion to the dark room. Checketts are obsessed with the rain room. I've been twice, each time with over an hour wait. Worth it for sure. 

Baby Bubble silhouette is my favorite. 

Charles loved it but Clyde was a bit apprehensive. Love this pic of Natalie loving on him. 

All these were taken with my iphone by the way. Thank you Steve Jobs. 

"Just look to the light."

The first time I went they allowed umbrellas. The second time I went, they didn't. 

Yeah the 2nd time we went we wore our PJ's. It's a tough thing to get the boys out the door by 8 to stand in line. 

Group shot minus a friend that the photographer cut off. 

One of my friends got this. Her phone captured the red exit light.

Wheeled the boys chariot out in the rain to get a pic. It's apart of us. 

selfie in the rain room

Waiting outside the rain room to get in. Natalie is good with the twins. 

We were done by 10 so we headed to our favorite spot in the park. 

This pics of Lizzie is too great not to share. Lizzie and the San Remo.


Lizzie said...

Did you just call the donkey the "boy's chariot" ?? AMAZING! And so, so true.

Anonymous said...

I miss your blog. I hope that you, your husband and your boys are doing ok. I'll keep checking for updates.

Ashley said...

I wish I could go to this exhibit. It looks incredible! What an awesome experience. And I love your boys little outfits! That's what my boys wore when they were a little younger. I was about to ask if you were from the South, and saw that you were raised in Louisiana...so, yes!

Michelle said...

How fun that you got to experience it more than once! The twins are too cute - but you know that already ;)

ESCUDERO said...

That is amazing. To bad I didn't get to see it.

Jaƚniutka said...

beautiful pictures