Monday, June 10, 2013

Temple Square & Women's Conferance...

Lizzie and I met for a playdate on temple square on a Monday. It had to of been the best Monday to go of the entire year. The Cherry Blossoms were in full bloom. Not even DC's Cherry Blossom festival could match these surely. And the temple was closed because it was a Monday so there was hardly any people traffic. It was just us and kiddo's on the beautifully and perfectly manicured gardens.


 and a bride getting her bridals done. No wedding traffic on temple square. Although that is the best kind.


View of the temple from the Joseph Smith memorial building on the top floor.


NYC backdrop in the Family History Center on Temple Sq.


Top of Conference Center


Loved attending Women's Conferance. There were so many great take-aways that will be super applicable in my life. Hearing Sister Hickley was the weekend highlight for sure. What an amazing lady and family she has.

The all of us women's conferencing.


Lizzie said...

Great Utah memories with you. Still can't believe we pulled off Women's Conf. And that day at Temple Square was perfection. I went to DC's cherry blossom festival this year & it wasn't nearly as good as Temple Square.

Kellee Marie Cook said...

Love the blossoms pictures.. beautfiul!