Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Ranch & Sundance...

Post wedding festivities, mom and dad lingered in Utah the following week. We didn't make a single plan except horses and dinner at Sundance. Felt good to ride again. 

This time of year we find horns that were shed for the season.

The Bakers came to visit. Love them. My 2nd family from college with the sweetest memories. Darla is a top influential mom in my life. 

More space that the twins have ever seen

Meet Glen. He takes care of the place and makes it possible for us to enjoy Utah. He is the ultimate mountain man with the biggest heart. Check out his handle-bars. Clyde is thinking about grabbing one.

Good to be with the parentals at Sundance.

4th generation Sundance goer right here.


Great seeing Heather for a few days in Utah. Now living in California, it was great to reconvene at the old stomping ground of Utah. We went to Sundance for her anniversary as she was away from her hubby who works/travels tons. Wishing I got a better pics of the twins and her in yellow pants.


Martha said...

So much fun to have twins there!!! :)))

Lizzie said...

Dreamy. Next Utah trip we ride together. And fly together! :)