Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Central Park in the snow...

We finally got a good snow pour. Central Park looked absolutely beautiful. It was dark by the time it started snowing. So Andrew and I walked through the park at about 9:00. It was beautiful. And no rodents were out with the cold/snow. Come twilight, usually no more park for me. But it looked like a smooth white carpet had been laid down. We had the park to ourself it seemed. 


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

PowerShares Tennis at Madison Square Garden...

I feel like this was months ago--Andrew and I found a last minute cheap ticket on Living Social for tennis at the Garden. I had never seen Pete Samprus and Andre Agassi in person so that was a neat experience. Samprus lost his match and then Agassi lost his to McEnroe. That would have been a neat match up for the final game. John Mac was super intense and Samprus didn't seem to care.

Following Samprus's match he did some fund-raiser thingy as seen above.

Different look for a tennis scoreboard.

John Mac interviewing after his win.

It's neat to see the garden transform to all sort of different venues. 

Monday, January 28, 2013

Babies on Dogs by Blake Grimmer...

Short story long, I got on email from a friend in mommy group about her husband's friend who is doing a photo project called Babies on Dogs. He ultimately wants to produce a book. The prior pics of babies riding dogs that he had on his site were adorable.  I love dogs. And I rarely pass up a photo opportunity with the twins. So I emailed Blake and told him I have 2 babies, but no dog. We arranged to meet in the park where there are plenty of dogs that we could potentially recruit. 

I love that we got a pic on the ionic wooden benches along The Mall of trees in Central Park. There is only one thing that would have made this pic better--twin dogs. Is there such a thing? 

I hope this doesn't disappoint, but the twins didn't really ride the dog. They rode my leg and Blake then photo-shoots them onto the dog that stands in the exact same spot for framing purposes.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Andy Warhol exhibit...

The MET had an Andy Warhol exhibit a couple months ago that I took the twins to (found out no strollers allowed when I got there). I was a bit disappointed because it was mostly Andy Warhol inspired art that doesn't interest me whatsoever. If nothing else, I learned his work attracts the crazies. For seeing his name plastered all over marketing the exhibit, I think there were only a few of his actual pieces. And because I couldn't bring my stroller in, nor the twins, because I don't get too far with them w/out the stoller and the friend that was watching them had one of her own to watch, I practically ran through the exhibit concluding I had no interest to come back if I could find the time. How's that for a run-on sentence?

Simultaneous with the MET's Andy Warhol Exhibit was BYU's Museum of Art's Andy Warhol Exhibit. At Christmas, I was able to meet my brother/wife there. I think the MOA (what the locals call the museum; they speak in acronyms) should have loaned the MET their AW art because they clearly had all the good stuff. 

Are you wondering why I even care about Andy Warhol? I fell in love at the National Portrait Gallery in London. Pics of the Queen. The royal family. And Anna Wintour.

Andy Warhol Marilyn Monroe eye candy. I need to watch a documentary on her. I'm clearly missing the infatuation but neat art nevertheless. 


Both of the exhibits had a weird room at the end with silver balloons floating around. It was called Silver Clouds and is considered a work of art. It didn't seem like anything more than helium balloons floating around that the twins were intrigued with. But it has deep meaning--something about never traveling the same path twice. 

 John Wayne!  

Two other amazing pieces in the MOA that were neat to see in person. How about the nativity scene below with the hundreds on angels. I'm glad I could experience something of its kind on a much smaller scale. 

So good seeing Harold over the holiday as he was spending Christmas with his inlaws too. 



Pics below are in NYC "regarding Warhol"

These were the signs that lined 5th Ave luring me in to the MET. Now that I read closer I see it is 60 artists regarding Warhol. Boo!

No pics allowed in the MET's exhibit so I was only able to slip this one. 

Modern art? Sure!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

NYC's PBR 2013....

Madison Square Garden is located right above Penn. I loved coming up the long escalators out of the station. I usually have to take the disgusting elevators with the double-wide. Just appreciating the small things when rarely without the twins... 

The hardware. Hands in pockets... we look cold--or just cool. 

Love the introductions. Standing bowlegged like they live on a bull's back. Chaps. American Flags everywhere. Incredibly patriotic event.

Hockey one night. Basketball the next. Rodeo the following. Neat to see how Madison Square Garden can change its look in less than 24 hours.

Samantha 1st bday...

Check out the spread // Cake tasted as good as it looked // Candy rimmed shot glasses




That moment where my boy cuddles.

Photobooth was a hit!

Lizzie & I ruined this pic but laughed so hard doing it.

Andrew was disturbed to see Charles in a tiara. 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


4 months ago, but never too late to document (as with the previous post). Was tempted to try the most expensive hot dog in NYC for only $70. Not! Or the $1,000+ Golden Opulence Sundae with gold flocking. Never! Perfect place for girls lunch, especially while Heather was visiting and experiencing a lot of 1st's in the city. 

Getting through the menu is an experience in and of itself. IF I had a thematic NYC room in my home (I clearly don't know what it's like to have more than 1 room), then I might frame their menu for the wall--very iconic. 

Finding a round table to sit at in the city is heavenly to me. Only has happened one other time...

I ate well over my portion here. Love these two ladies. 

Round II of dessert... Free cupcake at Sprinkles when you can tell them the secret word from Twitter. 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Essie Nail's Flagship at Samuel Shriqui Salon...

I originally heard about Essie's first and only nail salon when flipping through Vogue last summer, something I rarely do. Located at 65th & Madison...that just sounds beautiful. And it was. I'm glad I could experience it with some friends too. The employees probably thought it was our first time to a nail salon taking pics like we were. 

"Pick your color" never sounded so beautiful. 


& leather chairs to sit back in, oh my. & ipads at the drying table. 


word is that Essie herself comes in every Friday for a mani/pedi. (Thursdays in the summer time). 

*reservation in advance*