Thursday, February 28, 2013

Slyvia's in Harlem...

Great story short, while I was delivering the twins at Lennox Hill, my dad walked over to Central Park to pace away his nervousness. A professional looking gent riding along on his bike dropped his leather breifcase. My dad witnessed it all but couldn't get his attention in time to return it. So he picked of the briefcase and stood in that same spot for 15 minutes hoping the guy would return. He never did. So my dad brought it to the hospital and called the guy (business card was inside) who was so relieved. In exchange, the guy gave my dad this book, that I most defiantly recommend for those that live in or love NYC. Sylvia is featured in the book. So dad wanted to eat there while he was visiting this time around. Since my dad read about her a year ago, she has since passed away. Her family still owns/runs the restaurant. She had a fascinating story as she was born into the South, but her life was shaped here in the city.

Soul Food. Black-eyed peas, fried chilcken, catfish gumbo. Tastes better than it looks.

Dad & Andrew outside Sylvia's. My dad wanted to walk there. Pre-babies, I would have joined him. He walked the 70+ blocks and many avenues. And we rode the subway. We gave him a 1.5 hour head start. 

Harlem graffiti wall-art. 


Still haven't been inside. Their Amateur night is on my list. 

Central Park at twilight...

I love having walking companions in the park. But 90% of the time it's just me and the twins because usually it's a last minute, let's just get out and enjoy some fresh air together. When my mom visited, I loved having her with me to do my spontaneous activities with. 

I'm not sure what this circular area is called but it's a lovely loop right up from the water where there used to be Pony auctions. 

Monday, February 25, 2013

Dylan's Candy Bar Birthday...

The twin's 1st bday came and went too quickly. With the winter months and smaller apartment living, I wasn't sure where we could possibly celebrate. Dylan's worked out to be the perfect place for a baby-birthday who's first bday is typically the first time to indulge in sugar. Sugar high has a completely new meaning to us now. 

I expect that most of my children's bdays will be very low key. My parents said it best though--that we're celebrating the miracle of their safe arrival/good health and that we actually survived the year in great spirits. I appreciate both Andrew's family and mine own for coming out to celebrate with us. & now my babies are walking all over the place. Does that make them toddlers? 

Invitation idea from here




I had something different in mind for a smash cake. My boys just kind of picked at it. 

Largest gumball machine ever with around 40,000 gum-balls says their blog.





The florescent lighting inside as well as the natural light from outside threw me for a picture loop. Thanks Diana for sending me your pics. 

Dylan's Candy Bar B-day Baby Bash...

I can't say enough about how wonderful Dylan's was with everything. We basically just showed up. They even gave us invitations to use, but my friend Bre who is all things crafts made the party hats, invites, and banner. But they had the balloons, foods, drinks, and of course candy all ready for when we arrived. The only drawback was that the numbers were very tight. I feel like I left too many babies and their sweet mommas out--hoping no one took offense to that. I'm really sorry if so.

16 high chairs later...


Everyone got to fill up a bucket of candy downstairs for their party favor. 


Ollie with his bucket of candy. Too cute!

Laurel's Deacon and Charles (with frosting all in his hair at this point) are just a couple of weeks apart in age. I think this is the first pic of Deacon I've seen where he isn't smiling. He is the most smily baby I know. I love that Laurel filled her bucket up with only chocolate. 

The cool table


Henry and Sullivan. Loved henry's pink pants. 


Tille-Rose and Caroline


Lizzie/James & Lizzie/Tillie-Rose were kind to come in from Conneticut. These two sent me flowers when the twins were born to the hospital and a year later they deliver a beautiful bouquet. So thoughtful and sweet of them both. Thank you.  

Sheena and Lizzie